Phone surveys

CATI CALL CENTER INTERNATIONAL – Premier Provider of Telephone Surveys

Our company also conducts multilingual interviews.

Our interviewers are experienced with a track record of high respondent completion.

Telephone polls get people’s attention and are a great way to achieve a representative sample that includes respondents who may not have online access.

According to the American Association for Public Opinion Research, automated polls have proven to be just as accurate as polls conducted by live interviewers.

And they have the added advantage of guaranteeing consistency.

Telephone Surveys and On-line data collection for market research are increasingly important for business and government agencies to understand their demographics and service their customers better.

Types of Telephone Based Surveys:

• Public Opinion Surveys

• Awareness

• Customer Satisfaction Surveys

• Polling

• Mystery Shopping by Telephone


• We have 70 operator seats;

• We are working 24/7.

• We use a multi-step method of learning and quality control operators;

• We provide all interviews records to the customer;

• Client is available to listen and video surveillance at work operators remote;

• Ability to work with a customer base while maintaining its confidentiality;

• Clients access a technical report on the work done by the on-line;

Quality control

CATI call center selects a quality interviewing staff through a rigorous two-step hiring process. Applicants are screened to ensure reading and recording verbatim skills, ability to follow written instructions, and general voice quality. The further screening takes place during a CATI call center general training where each applicant is evaluated based on their ability to grasp and apply newly taught interviewing rules and techniques. Interviewers are only hired if the CATI call center Trainer decides the applicant can conduct interviewers up to high standards.

CATI call center provides intensive interviewer training prior to the start of each project, and throughout the duration of the project as necessary. CATI call center quality control monitoring establishes a method to both ensure that interviewers are properly conducting the interview and to allow our clients to listen to interviews remotely.

The most important part of any data collection program is to retain a quality control program. CATI call center has real-time data review, digital recording, and fulfillment analysis prior to distribution to our clients.

CATI call center collects the right data accurately and efficiently.